I could not be happier with the way these two pieces turned out.  Britt is insanely talented, and has an incredibly unique style.  

Jane Pope, Jane Pope Jewelry, Charleston, South Carolina




Aura, 22″ x 22″, Watercolor on Paper, 2017.

You can easily find a portrait artist who personifies realism on the outside. But it is rare to find a portrait artist that starts on the inside and paints out. Thank you so much, Britt, for using your unique style to capture not only our visual moment in time as a person, but where we are on the inside of this life journey… we loved being part of your creative process and enjoy your work in our home every day. 

Dave and Leah Mühlenfeld, Richmond, Virginia




Clouds, 22″ x 22″, Watercolor on Paper, 2016.

A beautifully-executed painting that captures something in my child’s soul that we didn’t even realize at the time but we see it now.  It is more than an aesthetically pleasing work.  It truly captures my child.

Chris & Cheri Stringer, Richmond, Virginia






I could not be happier with my pieces. Not only did you completely capture our children’s expressions and personalities, but your technique is totally unique. Your style magnifies their characteristics in a way that far exceeds a traditional portrait. You truly captured a moment in time through your art. They are incredible. Thank you!!

Carter Johnston, CCH Collection, Richmond, Virginia